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Add mileage fee outside eastern triangle

On-Site Visit/Consultation

Let’s meet-up, share ideas, create an initial plant schedule, then quote proposal.

$75 fee applies to $500+ order.
If no Consultation needed: minimum = $200.

Tell us what to plant and/or
Tell us wants, hates, faves and/or
Tell us to create our best solution.

Couple photo by David Lamar. Eighteenth birth day photo by Traci sister Sally.

Clean-up. Broom is our most important tool.


-Formal landscape plans
-Saving of sod (we cut through it)
-Perimeter trenching
-Tree staking
For pricing, see Optional Extras, below.

Customer Requirements:

-Water plants, typically once per week, for two years.
-Weed plants as needed. Weeds will rob plant of water, air, and nutrients.

Planting Description

Design Assistance.
Create a planting schedule to fit your property & budget. Find options to satisfy both structural and aesthetic goals. With your feedback, design until we have a solution (exact quote, w/Discounts).
Acquire plants from local growers.
Attractive, functional, low maintenance plants that deliver year after year. Let’s shelter and show-off your property, without ever looking “overgrown”.
Pick up and deliver.
Plants ride securely, often straight from the source to you.
Distribute plants by cart.
Human-powered units with surf tires. Easy on the lawn. Easy on the hardscape.
Dig hole carefully.
Rough-out hole by auger, pick or jackhammer. Shovels sculpt out proper shape, for strength and rooting. Illustration.
Establish a tree ring.
Place diggings around the new hole, creating the base layer of tree ring.
Prepare roots.
Just before setting plant in hole, loosen up any tightly bound roots. Spread them out. Cut longer roots, to prevent girdling.
Set top of plant safely above grade.
Elevate plant ‘half-in & half-out’. Plants will settle over time, so start high. If set too low, the plant can drown in our heavy soils.
Storm-resistant method.
For top-heavy plants, don’t dig too wide. Clamp the rootball firmly. Leave space to stuff dirt. The entire tree is stronger when the base is secure.
Add lots of landscaper soil.

Pack soil mix up to earth level, checking for vertical constantly. Minimize air-pockets by forcing soil into gaps.
Add PHC Tree Saver.

Five species of mycorrhizal fungi and six species of beneficial bacteria improve plant nutrition and soil fertility.
Add Agriform fertilizer (20-10-5).
Slow-release plant tabs last about 2 years. Please do not add more as there is risk of burning and overgrowth.
Add Terra-Sorb hydrogel.
Product expands up to 200 times it’s weight during watering, then slowly releases the water back into the soil. Lasts up to 5 years and breaks down into a fertilizer, not a salt.
Add MORE soil to tree ring.
Elevated soil structure retains mulch, protects against flooding, and allows for settling.
Use minimal soil on top of current roots, but cover the edges well. Roots require air. Soil can kill by choking.
Spread quality wood mulch.
Mulch keeps your plants warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and well-moistened.
3″ Rule: 3″ thick, 3″ from stem.
Avoid placing mulch on top of rootball at all. Mulch is an avenue for mold/rot & bugs.


…plant it high, rarely die…
…plant it low, rarely grow…



100% of both Plant and Installation
Replant new stock in same hole and dispose of dead or stricken plant.
If toppled by severe storm, reset plant to vertical.
Limit one replacement per plant.
Outside eastern triangle area, add mileage fee.

Customer Chooses
Reinstall the same size/price plant (if available),
or different type (same size/price or less).

Pay current Retail Price only. We replant new & dispose of old.
finicky species (Apple, Dogwood, Encores, Gardenia, Loropetalum, Magnolia, Prunus, Redbud);
plants not showing in dormancy; pests & disease introduced after planting;
adverse planting locations (field, rental, steep slope, shady, swampy, or over-rooted area);
un-weeded, un-watered, over-mulched, or altered plantings;
chemical or physical damages; dogyards; lightning; or wildfire.
Initial Planting Fee reduced if Partial Warranty understood at time of planting.

plants smaller than 3-gallon 
delivery-only plants.


Pricing Method

Minimum Delivery-Only order: $100
Minimum Planting order: $200
(with no site visit ahead of time)

Retail Price’ is delivery-only (add tax).
‘Planted’ price includes both the Retail Price and the planting fee (no tax with plantings).

Both ‘Retail Price’ & ‘Planted’ posted in shop
Only ‘Retail Price’ posted in sources, so apply as follows for planting:

Planting Fees (GREATEST OF):
POTTED PLANTS (by the gallon):
add 85% to Retail Price
~ or ~
Minimum Fee, per plant
(Customer-Supplied-Plants and Partial Warranty prices in parenthesis)
Less than 1 gallon pot: $7 (no warranty)
1 gallon/4 quart pot: $12 (no warranty) 
2 gallon pot: $22 (no warranty)
3 gallon pot: $35 ($27)
5 gallon pot: $45 ($35)
6 gallon pot: $55 ($45)
7 gallon pot: $65 ($55)
10 gallon pot: $80 ($65)
15 gallon pot: $100 ($80)
20 gallon pot: $125 ($100)
25 gallon pot: $150 ($125)
30 gallon pot: $180 ($150)
45 gallon pot: $250 ($180)
65 gallon pot: $350 ($250)

estimated dimension chart

Plants are
to be satisfactory.

Two Volume Discounts

both may apply at once

per item discount
buy 10 of 1, take 5% off plant/planting
buy 20 of 1, take 10% off plant/planting

total order discount
over $300, take 4% off order
over $500, take 6% off order
over $1000, take 8% off order
over $2500, take 10% off order
over $5000, take 12% off order

Couple photo by David Lamar. Eighteenth birth day photo by Traci sister Sally.Couple photo by David Lamar. Eighteenth birth day photo by Traci sister Sally.
Five B&B Spartans (roll over).


Optional Extras

We rarely get these requests. Please advise us in advance.
Discounts do apply to pre-ordered, exact items.
Discounts do not apply to site-determined, day-of kinds of billings (keep it simple).


Find something you like outside our sources?
Get it home, and we’ll plant it for you. We supply all labor and materials.
Planting fee is Minimum Fee (in parenthesis).
No Warranty for plants we do not supply.

Weedblock Installation
$1.00 per square foot.
Quality weedblock cut & placed around new plantings before the mulch is spread. Inhibits growth pretty good, but weeds WILL pop up anyway: at edges, and in the mulch itself.

Perimeter Trenching
4″ wide: $2.00 per lineal foot.
8″ wide: $3.00 per lineal foot.
3-4″ deep trench dug around the plants to define the grass/mulch boundary. Grass will be dug out and disposed of.

Sod Removal and Disposal
$4.00 per square foot.

Weeding (only areas where we plant)
$60 per man-hour.
Includes disposal of weeds.
Hand tools only. No chemicals are used.

Card for Gift Plants
We hand-write a card to help make your gift plant special. Please provide text for card.

Tree Staking
$30 to $100 per plant, our plantings only.


We rarely stake any plant. Our Method mitigates the need, so we discourage this practice. Only the strongest acts of God tend to bring harm. Yes, people do still stake a lot of plants (often out of habit). This practice will prevent tipping from most windy events. Even with staking, hurricane-like weather can topple any plant.

Staking comes at a price to tree. It is preferable in the long run to sway in the breeze. This constant “flexing” allows the trunk to develop stronger, like a muscle, so the tree can withstand future high winds, ice, and snow. Unstaked trees develop greater caliper, a larger root system, and healthier, undamaged trunks.

Occasionally, we may advise staking for:
– plants with a loose base/flare.
– tall plants with small rootballs. If our planting leans or falls over within two years, we will reset plant at no charge.

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ONLY performed in conjunction with Planting service.
For BETWEEN new plantings (mulch ON each plant is included).

Prices include SPREADING. No dump & run.

Both Volume Discounts apply.

Delivered & Spread, per Yard: $70
Brown color, for general landscape use.

Delivered & Spread, per Yard: $71
Light Red color, durable mulch.

Delivered & Spread, per Yard: $73
Not for steeper slopes – less ‘grippy’.

Brown, Black, or Red

Delivered & Spread, per Yard: $80
Retains color for a long time.

Why Mulch?

-Decorate the landscape.
-Retain moisture & save water.
-Cool roots in summer.
-Warm roots in winter.
-Help control weeds.
-Protect from chemicals & disease.
-Keep lawn tools at a distance.

go to help to: watering + primer + faqdeer + design + sitemap + more


ONLY performed in conjunction with Planting service.
We only cut/prune what is necessary to make room for planting.

Removal of existing plants

No heavy equipment for this, mainly hand tools for digging. Light chainsaw for cutting. No set pricing, I may quote a min/max price.

We limit ourselves to:
– Removing trees up to 15′
– 5″ Caliper (diameter of trunk)

We do not hedge, or any other maintenance.
We do not grind stumps (referral).
No Hazardous Tree Work.


$60 per man-hour
Includes disposal of weeds.
Hand tools only. No chemicals are used.

No Hazardous Tree Work

We do not employ bucket trucks, climbers, or cranes. Just simple tools for small, safe plant removal.

If we can’t drop a tree to the ground in a safe manner, we will give a referral.

’97 Dodge 5.9 Cummins 4×4 and dump trailer.
Combo at inception. Both retired, but working.

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