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Terms of Service

call: 919-266-7939 or e-mail: shop@trees2go.com
terms of service

below: Insurance/Liability ~ Payment/Discounts ~ Availability/Quality ~ Security
sitewide: Trees2Go.com LLC = Trees2Go.com = Trees2Go = T2G

Major Insurance Coverage
Major Liability Insurance applies (certificate available upon request
Workman's Compensation Insurance applies
Commercial Vehicle Insurance applies.

Minor Liability Release
Customer releases Trees2Go from minor damage & health claims to property & landscaping.
Trees2Go will remedy broken or seriously damaged property.

Underground Liability Release (all digging)
Customer releases Trees2Go from any damage claims to roots, irrigation systems, sewer & septic systems, power lines, gas lines, cables, wires, water lines, phone lines, or other buried obstacles.
Free service to locate & mark buried utilities: 1-Call Utilities Locating Dial 811. Hidden obstacles, like sprinklers, dog fences, satellite dishes, landscape lighting, and (some) water lines won't be marked by 811. Original installers may be able to locate & mark their underground components.

Personal check is prefered method. Make payable: 'Trees2Go'
Credit cards accepted at job site, upon completion. No debit cards accepted.
Paypal accepted on-line, anytime.

Merchant Equipment Store Credit Card Logos
2% surcharge for cards, to offset 2.75%+ Square/PayPal processing fee. We do this instead of 'raising prices to compensate'. Better value for 90%+ of customers who pay by check.

Sales tax will be added to plant retail only. Landscape
SERVICES are tax-exempt.
Sorry, no shopping cart, but you can type or attach info: shop@trees2go.com

A small deposit is often required. Balance is due upon delivery/completion.
$20 returned check fee.
Accounts are past due after 30 days. 1% monthly interest on overdue accounts, as well as any collection or attorney's fees.

Our prices are public, posted, and available for comparison. Everyone gets same price.
For steep or difficult access, an extra labor fee may be added (very rare).

Volume Discounts
Both Discounts can apply at same time, to same items.
Both Discounts can mix & match Trees2Go delivery with A1Planting services.
Both Discounts are automatic, detailed in quote you will get.
Both Discounts apply only to pre-ordered items.

buy 6 of any 1 item (plants, mulch, etc.), take 1% off that item, and any fee
buy 7 of 1, take 2% off
buy 8 of 1, take 3% off
buy 9 of 1, take 4% off
buy 10 or 11 of 1, take 5% off
buy 12 or 13 of 1, take 6% off
buy 14 or 15 of 1, take 7% off
buy 16 or 17 of 1, take 8% off
buy 18 or 19 of 1, take 9% off
buy 20+ of 1, take 10% off
buy 50+ of 1, take 11% off
buy 100+ of 1, take 12% off
Applies to identical plants of the same size, from the same source, and at the same time.
Applies to all quoted plants, fees, mulches, pine straw, soils, removal or any

over $300, take 4% off order
over $500, take 6% off order
over $1000, take 8% off order
over $2500, take 10% off order
over $5000, take 12% off order

Mix and Match discounts in any combination, both can apply at once.
Discounts do not apply to MILEAGE FEE.
Sales tax also discounted.
Sales tax also counts toward discount level.
Per Item Discount is a line-item deduction, deducted before Total Order Discount, so, maximum combined discount possible is 22.56%, not 24%.

Total Order Discount builds over multiple orders.
Amounts already paid will count toward discount level, on EVERY additional order.
Trees2Go tracks and reports (on Receipts) cumulative of amounts paid.
First order of $300 gets 4% discount.
Second order of $200 gets 6% ($500 level reached).
Third order of $150 gets 6% . . . until $1000 level . . . then 8% all orders . . .

Plant Availability
The information on this website is provided as a general reference work only, and not a guarantee of availability, source, or price. Availability can fluctuate rapidly.
B&B plants maximum size: 3" caliper (diameter of stem) or 8' tall Evergreen
Container plants max size: 100 gallons.
Priceslists are manually updated, so they may not reflect current availablility.
Availability is verified by Trees2Go upon inquiry/order.
We do source from other local growers, not posted here, to find just about anything.
We do not source from low-quality growers.

Plant Quality
Initial size may vary: maybe smaller, usually larger. We GUARANTEE satisfaction.
Trees2Go makes no warranty for delivery-only plants, but guarantee still applies.
Color/characteristics may vary due to soil pH, water, sun, shade, mulch, fertilization, etc. . .
Plants usually delivered by enclosed truck/trailer, but occasionally by open trailer or SUV.

The use of this website does not constitute a working relationship with Trees2Go.com LLC.
E-mail links on this site are provided as a convenience. All persons sending e-mail and/or attached data to us over the Internet, are cautioned that electronic media could be misdirected or intercepted.

Referrals & links to other people/websites are provided as a convenience. Trees2Go makes no guarantee of other's quality and readers are advised to use caution.

IMAGES are individual links to Google Images, for each plant. The world-wide search is based on both the Common and Botanical names. These images are for reference only, and may or may not represent a true image of the associated plant.

FACTS are individual links to Fact pages, for each plant. The facts are not verified by Trees2Go, and may or may not be accurate. We link to one of three sites (but usually NCSU). We place more emphasis with NCSU because of their local & reputable horticultural program.

call: 919-266-7939 or e-mail: shop@trees2go.com
4920 Mial Plantation Road, Raleigh, NC 27610
sorry, nursery is not staffed for visitors
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